Principal Partner for COP26

Hitachi’s ambition is to become a climate change innovator – helping governments, cities and customers to cut carbon.

Un Climate Change Conference UK 2021

Keeping shoppers COVID safe

In 2019, Home Bargain began the process of replacing manual counting of customers with Hitachi’s 3D LiDAR (TOF).

The motion sensor operates on a similar principle to radar, but uses infrared light beams instead of radio.

Innovations like this are needed to stay ahead of the curve, giving in store customers the most pleasant and safest shopping experience possible.

Onward to 2030. Hitachi's Road to Sustainability

Through its diverse range of current and future business activities, Hitachi will contribute significantly to resolving social and environmental issues and establishing an inclusive, harmonious, and prosperous world. 

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We are rich in innovation and diversity, in terms of both our industry-leading products, technologies and services, as well as the people who work here. We intend to use our advances in technology and IT to the greater good of our society.