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Hitachi Announces Tender Offer for Shares of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (Securities Code 8036) Hitachi, Ltd. (the “Offeror”) hereby announces as follows that, on January 31, it resolved to implement a tender offer for the...

Madel: A Leader in Sustainable Manufacturing

By partnering with Hitachi, Madel tackled these issues head-on and is now leading the industry through innovate technological solutions that challenge the sector to become more sustainable.


Onward to 2030. Hitachi's Road to Sustainability

Through its diverse range of current and future business activities, Hitachi will contribute significantly to resolving social and environmental issues and establishing an inclusive, harmonious, and prosperous world. 

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We are rich in innovation and diversity, in terms of both our industry-leading products, technologies and services, as well as the people who work here. We intend to use our advances in technology and IT to the greater good of our society.


Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2019 EUROPE

Society First - Our second Social Innovation Forum held in Italy, a key country in Hitachi’s global capability network, was an opportunity for over 500 technology and social infrastructure leaders from across Europe to share ideas about how best to apply the latest and emerging digital solutions to solve society’s challenges.

FT- Hitachi Digital Transformation Forum 2019

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018 LONDON

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum assembled 350 senior business leaders from UK, European, and global markets, this year's event used case studies from business experts (including Hitachi’s President & CEO, Toshiaki Higashihara) to showcase practical applications of IoT technologies to increase business productivity and efficiency. 

Social Innovation Stories

Dr. AI’s prescription for happiness and productivity

As we head into a new decade, Hitachi Fellow Dr Kazuo Yano gives us the lowdown on how AI will continue to transform society and help us lead happier lives

Social Innovation Stories

Don’t miss your connection: the human story at the heart of the smart city

When people are the first priority in technological advances, the results can be transformative

Social Innovation Stories

Measuring and managing progress against the SDGs

Responsibility for people and planet is in our hands

Social Innovation Stories

Buzzword Busting

Do you really know what the latest tech jargon really means? We’ve created a handy guide to bust those buzzwords