London, UK – Hitachi Europe Ltd. announced today that Easydentic Group, leader in biometrics, visual recognition and visual mobility technology for enterprise security, selected Hitachi's finger vein security solutions for Biovein. Easydentic's R&D division Eden is using Hitachi's ground-breaking finger vein authentication system in the form of physical door access systems in their Biovein product, which was developed using Eden's market leading technology expertise.

Hitachi's Finger Vein Authentication System captures images of the vein patterns inside one's finger. The technology works by passing a near-infrared light through the finger, allowing an image to be recorded on a CCD camera underneath. The vein patterns, like other biometric data, are unique. But significantly, because they are inside the body, they are virtually impossible to replicate while offering a maximum of security. In addition, the authentication process is quick, discreet and non-invasive.

Developed during several years of research and development at the Hitachi Ltd Central Research Laboratory, finger vein pattern recognition technology proved to be ground-breaking and Hitachi Ltd. secured a substantial number of patents. Hitachi has now commercialised the operating system and various applications, including PC login devices, door access systems and validation devices for ATMs in Japan. These ATM devices are fast becoming a de facto standard, with about 80 per cent of the financial institutions in Japan adopting finger vein biometrics. Hitachi has also launched its various technologies in this field in China, Asia, the United States and Europe.

Patrick Fornas, President of Easydentic Group said: “Our customers are looking for the highest standards in security solutions and as a consequence, we only work with the best companies in the field. Hitachi's finger vein security solution convinced us from the start. The system is easy to incorporate into our solutions, it is user-friendly and offers a high level of security – three points that are absolutely vital for our continuing success. We are very pleased to work with Hitachi, as their solution is the best we found on the market.”

Jean Claude Bultel, President of Eden said: “Access security is one of the big areas we are working on and we are always on the look-out for new, innovative technology to make our solutions even safer. Finger vein authentication is a great way of giving access to the right people only, with another added bonus: the end-user acceptance is very high, because they do not feel threatened or invaded by placing their finger on the reader – a big contrast to some other authentication methods.”

“As Eden is one of the most outstanding security companies in Europe, we are glad to work closely with them to bring joint security solutions to Eden's customers. With the excellent safety standards that our products can provide, we are confident to contribute positively to Eden's business and our mutual customers' security requirements.” said Ravi Ahluwalia, Head of Business Development System Solutions Group, Hitachi Europe Ltd.