Social Innovation - Health

By combining vast amounts of patient data with artificial intelligence, we’re beginning to be able to predict illnesses before they’ve even developed. Discover how artificial intelligence may make some illnesses a thing of the past.
We need medicine to be as unique as we are
Discover how data is having a big impact on predicting illness
From digital DNA to jet propulsion, technology is leading the way in the fight against cancer. Discover the ways tech is fighting back.
Surgical precision is getting more precise with greater cooperation between humans and technology in the medical field.
Find out how robots will soon be offering a helping hand to the elderly.
With healthcare resources under increasing strain, care bots are coming to our rescue. Carefully designed to meet the needs of the old, young and vulnerable in our society, they are set to have a big impact.
Will doctor’s appointments one day be conducted by virtual reality? Artificial intelligence and big data are inspiring four trends which will transform healthcare as we know it.
The era when healthcare was solely the preserve of hospitals, doctors and other healthcare practitioners is long gone. We are entering an age where patients increasingly take their health and wellbeing into their own hands.