Finger vein technology for Bank BPH (Poland)

Finger Vein Technology and BPH

Finger Vein Technology with Bank BPH

Bank BPH SA is the first bank in Europe to introduce customer authentication based on Hitachi Finger Vein biometrics into their branch network.

Since January 2013 all Bank BPH branch offices in Poland have been using Finger Vein biometrics as a main method of authentication. In total approx.1800 Finger Vein devices are implemented in the Bank BPH branch network. Thanks to this, thousands of clients have the opportunity to carry out banking transactions without showing any identity documents and without additional passwords or PIN numbers. The only thing they need to do is to declare their identity (by name and surname or PESEL number) and put their finger on the Finger Vein device in the Bank BPH branch. At the same time clients still keep the right to use traditional authentication.

New Challenges

Finger Vein Technology is quickly becoming established across Poland, however each project has its own unique issues.

Learn about the approach Hitachi took with Bank BPH in order to ensure these challenges were addressed.

The most important challenge was to gain customer acceptance to use this technology.

Leszek Modzelewski

One of the biggest challenges involved in the creation of an innovative finger vein biometric being both user-friendly and extremely simple to install, just like a mouse.

Przemyslaw Cychowski


A collaborative client-focused approach

Understanding each client individually ensures success for the project as a whole. Working with the end user in mind has ensured customers have shown great interest in the new ways to confirm their identity.

There can be absolutely no doubt that the new technology will improve customer identity verification.

Anna Wojcik

We can see, other banks in Poland and Europe have either already started introducing biometrics or want to introduce them in the near future.

Tadeusz Woszczyński


Future Opportunities

Find out how Finger Vein technology is developing and how Hitachi is helping to “inspire the next”.

In the second phase, we envisage the possibility of cooperating with government institutions and financial organisations.

Peter Jones

We believe that the future of biometrics are biometric payments, in other words, payments using our fingers in supermarkets and shops.

Tadeusz Woszczyński


About Bank BPH

Bank BPH offers its products and services to individual customers, small and medium enterprises and corporate clients. A wide range of the Banks business includes: loans, including cash and mortgages, personal accounts, savings accounts and deposit and credit cards. BPH is also active in the field of integrated brokerage services, banking, treasury and asset management via its BPH TFI subsidiary. Bank customers can use a network of nearly 300 branches themselves and partner institutions, as well as a modern internet and telephone banking.

Bank BPH is part of GE Capital Group, one of the largest corporations in the world.

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