Global e-Service for heavy plant machinery (UK)

Bringing new efficiencies to heavy plant machinery

Bringing new efficiency to heavy plant machinery. Hitachi's Global e-Service makes life much easier for machinery suppliers like HM Plant and end-users like Land & Water Group.

Fleet management and administration made easy

Global e-Service by Hitachi monitors machines' performance and minimises administration times. It is an innovative a web-based system that allows dealers and construction teams to keep close track on their fleets – essential when times are tough. It can automatically monitor location, movement, hours, fuel consumption, power and more, helping to reassure clients, identify problems, and create operating efficiencies.

Services can be predicted, so we can plan and arrange them, taking a lot of the administration workload off the customer, which is a great advantage to them when times are tough.

Gary Donaldson, Area Product Support Manager, HM Plant Ltd.

More and more of our customers are becoming conscious of how much fuel we're burning, and looking for more and more efficient machines all the time.

Richard McLean, Director, Land & Water Group Plant Hire


With machinery outsourced to multiple companies, how do you collate vital information on resource and performance?

Whether you're HM Plant, hiring out Hitachi construction machinery, or Land & Water, using it for development projects, you need to have certain information at your fingertips. From availability and location, to service histories and spare parts, to daily fuel consumption – how do you keep on top of so many aspects of a complex job?

We used to struggle to get the information in the right place at the right time. We needed some way of bringing it all together.

Gary Donaldson, Area Product Support Manager, HM Plant Ltd.

In the past, we had different applications running on different servers, located in different places. Global e-Service allowed us to consolidate all these applications in one place.

Yemi Onabiyi, Onabiyi, Service Development Engineer, Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe NV

Knowledge is power. Hitachi's Global e-Service is evolving all the time to keep you on track.

Hitachi's Global e-Service feeds information to dealers and Hitachi customers in a centralised, accessible way. By giving them a full, clear picture of the logistics, performance and condition of their construction fleets, it's an essential tool, helping meet deadlines and budgets.

Using Global e-Service, we are able to track the hours on a machine and offer this to customers as a fleet management solution.

Gary Donaldson, Area Product Support Manager, HM Plant Ltd.

The machine operation information is being sent on a daily basis via satellite or GPRS, and this can be accessed via the Global e-Service.

Yemi Onabiyi, Onabiyi, Service Development Engineer, Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe NV


Global e-Service is already proving its worth, but Hitachi is determined to make it even better

Hitachi is constantly refining and improving the Global e-Service based on feedback received from customers. For plant hire organisations and construction businesses, having all the vital information on construction machinery in available one accessible place is a real boon for safety, efficiency and environmental control.

Going forward, I can see the Global e-Service becoming more important and integrated into our business and the systems we use to look after our equipment.

Richard McLean, Director, Land & Water Group Plant Hire

We are able to analyse trends on any product or any model. By grouping them together we can see patterns forming and approach machinery in different ways.

Yemi Onabiyi, Onabiyi, Service Development Engineer, Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe NV


About Land & Water Group

The Land & Water Group is an award-winning group of companies specialising in marine-based civil engineering, dredging and remediation projects. Based in Surrey, it operates the largest fleet of specialist long-reach excavators, dredging equipment and floating plant in the UK.

About Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK)

Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK), formerly HM Plant, is the UK's leading excavator supplier, with over 30 years at the forefront of the plant industry. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe and leads the way in product and service innovation. Based in Hebburn, South Tyneside, the business has a nationwide support network of branches across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

About Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) is a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) and is responsible for the manufacture, sales and marketing of Hitachi construction equipment in Europe, Africa, the CIS and the Middle East.

HCME specialises in the manufacture of excavators, wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks, crawler carriers, crawler cranes and crawler mounted aerial working platforms. With such an extensive product line-up, HCME has earned itself an excellent reputation for performance, reliability and safety around the world.

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