Horizon Nuclear Power, The Japan Atomic Power Company and Hitachi Sign Co-operation deal on Nuclear New Build Project

Gloucester, UK, 7th July, 2016 - Horizon Nuclear Power Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., The Japan Atomic Power Company ("JAPC") and Hitachi today announced it had signed a deal for the provision of technical support services on the proposed Wylfa Newydd Power Station in North Wales.

A pioneer of nuclear power generation, JAPC will work with Horizon as grows its own operational capability in readiness to run Wylfa Newydd. Under the deal Horizon will draw on JAPC's experience and know-how gained from many years of involvement with boiling water reactors, covering their design, construction, operation and maintenance. JAPC oversaw the construction of Japan's first light water reactor and will now support Horizon in areas such as construction costing, licensing, and planning for commissioning.