Social Innovation Whitepapers

Co-creating the Future

Hitachi is one of the few companies in the world with decades of experience in developing both operational technology and information technology, the core building blocks of IoT. But Hitachi’s technological expertise only tells half the story of how it is becoming an innovation partner of choice for the IoT era. Operating at the intersection of business, government and society, Hitachi is a true leader in ‘collaborative creation’.


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Social Innovation in Healthcare

The Healthcare sector continues to face social problems caused by rising costs of health care and ageing population. Poor and inconsistent quality of care, as well as inaccessibility to timely care, is at the forefront of global issues facing the Healthcare industry today.

This whitepaper examines how we can provide high quality care to every patient globally, in a sustainably affordable way.

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Social Innovation in Energy

Social Innovation in Energy

This whitepaper highlights the specific mega trends impacting the future of energy, and defines what Social Innovation can deliver to the global energy sector. It includes a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities for Social Innovation in energy, as well as quantifying the relevant opportunities and their impact through extensive research in this market.

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Social Innovation in Transport & Mobility

Social Innovation in Transport & Mobility

Hitachi's first industry specific whitepaper in partnership with Frost & Sullivan analyses the global mega trends in the transport and mobility sector. It identifies the current issues within this area today and takes a visionary look at the future. Analysis examines the economic, social and environmental benefits which can accrue from Social Innovation in transport and mobility and how the overall opportunity could be worth in excess of $555 billion per year if its full potential were to be realised.


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Social Innovation in Action

Social Innovation in Action

“Social Innovation in Action” identifies energy, water, transport and healthcare as the sectors most in need of Social Innovation and outlines the key steps for industries, businesses and government to maximise this $2 trillion Social Innovation market opportunity.

Social Innovation Whitepaper

Hitachi's first Social Innovation Whitepaper, researched in partnership with Frost & Sullivan, has valued the Social Innovation market opportunity at $2 trillion by 2020 and defined Social Innovation as ‘the deployment of technology and new business models to bring about positive change to the lives of individuals and societies’.